Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Astronomy Blogs

I've had the good fortune to stumble upon some high quality astronomy blogs lately. Its just amazing the number of folks who are passionate about astronomy. I think it is one of the coolest things you can do... setup on a clear night under some seriously dark skies. I just think its great to find some other like minded individuals out there.
On the Astronomy News side of the house, there is Tom's Astro Blog ( Almost like clock work, Tom manages to find something truly interesting to write about. Observing events, Hubble Space Telescope discoveries, you name it. Tom seems to really be dialed in on these kinds of things. He recently wrote an article about light pollution. That's certainly a topic that readers of this site are familiar with. He covered the waste, the loss of the night sky, and all the usual stuff. What I enjoyed most, was the solutions that he offered. You can now buy outdoor lighting from a great new company, Starry Night Lights. This company sells nothing but ordinance compliant, night sky friendly outdoor lighting products. What a concept, huh? Put the light on the ground where its needed... and nowhere else. Duh! How'd we miss that one for 5 decades?
Another very cool astronomy blog is called The HobbySpace ( Here, you'll find a wide variety of astronomy related news, events and information. I think their tag line is very cool.... "Space For All". No doubt... the greatest outdoors. Kind of like the universe is your backyard.
Anyway.. when you get a moment.. be sure to pay a visit to these guys... I'm sure you'll bookmark them and check in regularly.


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Here is another good astronomy blog

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